About Us

In 1964, the founder: BGP, China National Petroleum Corporation has set up the “Machinery Factory of BGP CNPC”, which was named as “Baoding Hongye Petroleum Prospecting Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd” and now named as “HonYe Machine Co., Ltd.” . In 2001, HonYe Machine had made the shareholding change from a purely state-owned company becoming a share company. Now BGP, CNPC is the biggest share holder of HonYe Machine.

As the leading equipment supplier in seismic & geological exploration industry in China, HonYe Machine provides big variety of drilling rigs for onshore and offshore operation. Now we have 110 different models in production. Whatever the field conditions, in plain, in the mountains, in the jungle, in the swamp, in the desert or in transition zone, clients will find the satisfied solutions based on the ceaseless efforts of R&D and long-stand experience of engineers and technicians of HonYe Machine. With high reputation in providing high quality, high efficient and reliable products, HonYe Machine helps the clients to exceed the limits of seismic exploration.

Our products can be used not only in the petroleum exploration, but also in coal and mine industry, natural resource survey, construction projects etc. HonYe Machine’s products have been spread all over China with occupying 90% domestic market. And have been exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Since 1998, HonYe Machine has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. All the production procedures are under strict quality control based on the ISO 9001 regulations.