T100 Tractor-mounted Drilling Rig

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HY-T100 tractor-mounted drill is top driving full hydraulic drill rig, which can be used in hills, jungles and farmland for shot-hole/geophysical exploration applications. The power of drill rig is taken from the tractor engine. With advanced hydraulic technology to control the rotation, pull-down, hoisting and jack flex movement, the drill works efficiently and economically.

 T100 tractor drill has the function of mud drilling and auger drilling. If working with air compressor it also has the air/DTH drilling function.

New model of HY-T100A is developed for cold working area with sealed cabin and heating system.

 Just within year 2011, more than 200 units of T100 tractor drills have been used by different geophysical service companies worldwide.


Main features


1.        Full hydraulic top Driving system (hoisting / pull down and rotation)

2.        Hydraulically controlled mast up and down

3.        Hydraulically controlled jack up legs.

4.        Hydraulically controlled mud pump and oil cooler.

5.        Hydraulically controlled unscrew fork (breakout).

6.        All controls are realized by handles.

7.        Mud pump mounted on the rig:

8.        Robust driving chain




Drilling depth(m)


Drilling methods

DTH hammer, Air, Auger, Mud

Drilling diameter(mm)



4X4 diesel engine tractor

Engine power


Total weight(kg)

3900 (Excluding drilling tools)

Overall dimension(mm)

5650x2000x2260 (mast down)

4800x2000x4180 (mast up)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.