HY-80A Portable Drilling Rig

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HY-80 man portable drilling rig is the up-to-date type that developed for drill hole in mountains. The rig was assembled on a base with adjusted leveling. The power was provided by a gasoline engine which can output 38hp. With properly air source, the rig can drill hole in rock area deep to 80m.


Geological findings, seismic exploration
Working conditions: Environment temperature -10--+40 / Altitude 2500m / Gradient less than 3 0o mountain region

Main features:
Using 38hp gasoline engine to increase the total power output
Direct drive to increase the drive line efficiency
Optimized hydraulic system
Strengthened drilling pipes to be suitable for deeper drilling depth,
Renovated unscrew method to reduce the non-drilling time.
Remote control of hoisting and pulling down to improve the working condition of operator