Solar charger

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The PV-50B Solar Charger is mainly used for power supply to seismic geophone data acquisition equipments in field. The data acquisition equipment is supplied power by single battery. In seismic operation, the acquisition equipments will be located in all seismic area, and collect seismic data when necessary. Normally, there are many of data acquisition equipments will be used for a seismic project, and disperse the arrangement on each place. We need to check each battery’s working condition in time and recovery all batteries back to camp or some temporary charging station. After power charged to each empty battery, need to redisperse it back to positive position. It is hard working. Through use the solar charger, we can charge power to each battery in field, and no need to often recovery all batteries back to camp or temporary charging station. It will save workload and increase up the continuity of data acquisition.

The Solar Charger Controller adopts two 25W PV modules as power source. The two modules are installed into a folded sheetmetal box. It is convenient for handling and can provide enough protection for PV modules. It is easy to operating, just need to open the sheetmetal box first, and then connect the battery cables to empty battery.