Specifications are subject to change without notice.

WTZ-400 truck mounted seismic drill rig is full hydraulic top drive drilling system with electro-hydro automation of control.

With powerful and robust hydraulic system, the operation of drill is easy and convenient.

The power of drill is taken from the engine of chassis. No deck engine is needed. This allow to mount as many facility as possible into the limited space of chassis.

With air compressor and mud pump are mounted, the drill can realize nearly all kinds of drilling methods:

Air drilling, DTH hammer drilling, mud drilling with DTH hammer lubricant and foaming pump.

The well head clamp and tilting function of top drive make the breaking out of pipes easier and safer.

After the transversal movement of top drive, the hydraulic winch can load the casing down the hole.


Main Features


1.Highly concentrated monitoring and control.

2.Easy of operation and maintenance

3.Robust structure and innovated design.

4.Hydraulic winch and transversal movement of top drive to handle the casing operation.

5.Powerful mud pump and air compressor mounted on drill rig deck.

6.Optional extra large cooling system to match to tropical working condition.


Main Specifications


Mounted on SHACMAN 6x6 heavy duty off-road desert truck, WTZ-400 drill rig has strong crossing capability working in tough working condition.

Stronger mud pump and air compressor mounted on drill rig deck so WTZ-400 can realize the complicated drilling functions.

Screw type air compressor 14.7m3/min @ 1.4MPa

Mud pump: 900~1100L/min @ 2.0~3.5MPa

Engine: 353kW@1900rpm

Tire: Michelin 24R20.5

Drill head stroke: 10m

Max torque: 9000Nm 4500Nm

Hoisting force: 12000kg

Recommended Drilling pipe: Φ76x6000 mm Φ89x6000 mm