HY-C300 Offshore Sample Drill

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Product Description:HY-C300 sea floor sample drill is capable of obtaining sample under the seafloor down to 300meters (including sea depth 100 meters).


Powerful rotary table
Retractable for easy access of drilling pipes
Dual winch for hoisting and pulling down with real time indication of hoisting force
Winch for sampling, adjustable hoisting force up to 2 ton
All winches are driven by hydraulic system
High capability mud pump with changeable output displacement
“A” shape mast
Dual engine, dual mud pump
Constant tension of winch cable with auto controlling system to compensate the change of tension caused by sea wave.




Drilling method

Mud flush drilling

Max. drilling depth

300m(including water depth.)

Drilling tools:

Drill bit size

Drill pipe size

Inner diameter through drill tools


7 inch



Rotary table

Max torque


10000 Nm

Hoisting&Pulling down



Heavy duty chain and sprocket

Main and auxiliary winch:

Hoisting force

w/ cable tension auto compensation system

15 ton

Sampling winch

Hoisting force


0-2 ton (constant variable)


Height of mast


Approximately 15m (could be disassembled into two parts)

Mud pump


Triplex horizontal single acting recipocating piston&liner pump

Overall dimensions:

Mast up: 11600X2200X15570mm

Mast down: 14700X2200X4020mm


Approximately 20ton (w/o drilling tools or mud)

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.